CHSAA Legislative Council

Application process will open January 23, 2024

CHSAA's Legislative Council is comprised of representatives from local leagues across the state. Each league is entitled to a minimum of one representative. Each league with 10 to 19 schools is entitled to an additional representative. Each league with a total student enrollment of at least 10,000 is entitled to a total of three representatives. Each league with 20 or more schools is entitled to a total of four representatives. Individual leagues elect these representatives to the Legislative Council. 
The Colorado Association of School Boards elects five representatives to the council, which are elected from specified regions in the state. School board representatives can also serve as members of CHSAA's sports, administrative and activities advisory committees. 
CASB currently has two vacant seats on the legislative council: 

  • Representative A (CASB Regions 1 & 4)
  • Representative E (CASB Regions 9, 11 & 12)
CASB members who serve in the regions listed above are eligible to apply to be appointed to serve on the CHSAA Legislative Council. The CHSAA election process requires each candidate to provide a candidate affidavit and a statement of 150 words or less about their local board service and/or why they want to serve on the CHSAA Legislative Council. 
To be considered for the appointments on the Council, candidate representative statements must be submitted to CASB President, Lindley McCrary, in care of Tracy DeMeo ([email protected]) by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, February 7th

CHSAA Affidavit