CASB Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly is the foundation of CASB’s governance structure and provides critical direction to CASB when it represents members’ interests before state and national policymakers.

Each CASB member school district has the opportunity to send a voting delegate to the annual Delegate Assembly. It does not matter if your school district has 150 students or 30,000 students: each delegate vote counts the same.

In the fall of 2016, the CASB Board of Directors directed staff to review the CASB delegate resolution process to make it more efficient and easier to use. The result of this work was a significantly reduced resolutions booklet and a series of nine standing resolutions. The standing resolutions were approved by the CASB Board of Directors and by the Delegate Assembly. In addition, CASB delegates adopted a number of legislative resolutions that guide CASB advocacy efforts.

The final adopted 2021 Delegate Resolutions, including the Standing Resolutions, are available here.

Please contact Matt Cook with any questions or concerns regarding the resolutions or CASB's advocacy.

Importance of Delegate Assembly
What is a Delegate?