September 29, 2023

CASB believes that quality public education is the foundation for our nation’s economic prosperity, community’s quality of life,
and every child’s opportunity to live their best life. The following are current events and opportunities for our members:

  • NEW! The U.S. Department of Education recently released a Dear Colleague letter clarifying school’s responsibilities under Title VI, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, and national origin. The letter provides clarification for permissible and impermissible school curriculum, programs, and activities that promote racially inclusive school communities. The letter specifies that schools may violate Title VI if they separate students by race even if programming for each group is identical. Additionally, schools may violate Title VI if they create, encourage, accept, tolerate, or fail to correct a racially hostile educational environment. 
  • NEW! The Colorado Department of Early Childhood released draft Quality Standards for the UPK program
  • Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact now in effect
    • Colorado passed legislation opting into this compact this year (HB23-1064). The compact is now effective as nine other states have signed on to participate. This means that it will be easier for teachers with a bachelor’s degree to receive an equivalent license in a participating state. For more information, read this article or review CASB’s 2023 legislative summary
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy Guidance 
    • CASB has added a new legal resource for members regarding artificial intelligence and guidance for districts if they are considering implementing a policy regarding AI. Because there are not state and federal laws governing AI and legislation may be forthcoming in coming months or years, CASB is not intending on releasing a sample policy at this time and believes it is best for school boards to determine the appropriate use of AI in their districts. Please read the document for more information and guidance!

School Board Election Resources

  • Elections Seminar
    • CASB, in partnership with the Colorado Secretary of State's Office, hosted a school election seminar as a resource to our members and to potential school board candidates. This seminar provided an overview of the School Director Election process — including the roles and responsibilities for boards, designated election officials (DEOs), and county clerks and recorders, candidate eligibility, and the petition process. Additionally, it provided an overview of campaign finance - including committees, disclosure reports and filing requirements, contributions, and more. 
    • If you were unable to attend in-person, please watch the recording of the seminar as well as have access to the resources using the links below:
    • Because this seminar was widely attended, CASB will be offering two webinars in the month of July that will focus on topics discussed during the seminar. Look for those dates to be sent out soon!
  • CASB Conversations Election Webinar Recordings
CASB Departments Serving You
  1. Director of Finance
    1. Susie Griffin Butler ([email protected] or (303) 302-3806)
  2. Director of Public Policy and Advocacy
    1. Matt Cook ([email protected] or (303) 302-3807)
  3. Director of Professional Learning
    1. Leslie Bogar ([email protected] or (303) 302-3805)
  4. Staff Attorney (Legal Information)
    1. Rachel Amspoker ([email protected] or (303) 302-3803)
    2. Mikayla Unruh ([email protected] or (303) 302-3801)
  5. Policy Department
    1. Kristina Gutierrez ([email protected] or (303) 302-3811)
    2. Holly Burg ([email protected] or (303) 302-3810)
    3. Diana Calderon ([email protected] or (303) 302-3804)
  6. Communications Specialist and Registration Questions
    1. Bryce Reedy ([email protected] or (303) 302-3813)
  7. Events Specialist
    1. Gabriella Gonzales ([email protected] or (303) 302-3809)
  8. Office Manager (Meeting Room Reservation Requests)
    1. Brittany Crossman ([email protected] or (303) 302-3802)
  9. Administrative Assistant (Board of Directors Questions)
    1. Tracy DeMeo ([email protected] or (303) 302-3812)

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