School Board Member ILP: Individualized Lobbying Plan

My Senator is: ____________________

My Representative is: ____________________
What are you doing now that you can build on to increase your lobbying effort?

Which legislators do you wish to lobby?

What can you do to help build a trusting relationship with the legislator(s)?

Where is the best place and when will be the best time for you to schedule an initial meeting with the legislator(s)?

Who will meet with which legislator(s)?

What is your main message?

What story best illustrates your message?

After your initial meeting, what steps will you take to become a reliable and trustworthy resource for your legislator(s)?

How will you gather testimony to present to the legislator(s)?

What can you do to make visiting a classroom a priority for the legislator(s)?

What additional steps will you take to maintain a relationship with the legislator(s) throughout his/her tenure?