Benefits of being a CASB director

Serving on the CASB Board of Directors takes time and dedication, but it is not without its rewards. According to current and past CASB directors, when you become a CASB director your board responsibilities come with these powerful benefits.

  • Deepened understanding of major issues. Frequent board presentations, updates and discussions inform the CASB Board of state-level issues and how they affect Colorado school districts.
  • Varied perspectives on significant state and federal issues. Discussions on major issues help board members “step out of their region” and see issues from others’ points of view.
  • Camaraderie with knowledgeable experienced board members outside your immediate board.
  • Knowledge of best practices from districts around the state.
  • Strong sense of satisfaction that you are personally having an impact at the state level on behalf of students.
  • Strengthened connection with CASB staff and their CASB legislative and service initiatives.
  • Deepened understanding of, and a vote in, CASB’s annual initiatives.