Operational/Behavioral Norms

CASB Board Members will:

  1. Support the vision and mission of CASB including its goals and strategic plan.
  2. Create a constructive partnership with the Executive Director.
  3. Maintain a culture of inquiry, mutual respect and constructive debate that leads to consensus.
  4. Honor the confidentiality of discussions, comments, and deliberations made at CASB Board meetings, excluding those represented by official actions.
  5. Know the multiple roles of board members as regional representatives, local board members, and as individuals.
  6. Prepare for board meetings.
  7. Recognize the need for accountability and transparency to our constituents.

Cross references:      
Board Policy BA, Governance Commitment
Board Policy BBA, Board Job Description
Board Policy BBAA, Board Member Responsibilities
Board Policy BC, Board Member Code of Conduct

Adopted by the CASB Board of Directors:  March 28 2015
Revised:  September 27, 2019