Professional Development Update

January 16, 2020

What's in this update

New releases of CASB Connections podcasts are available this month

Several new exciting podcasts are now available for your professional development needs:

Legal Topics 101: Colorado Open Meetings Law Part I with Jennifer Mueller, CASB Chief Legal Counsel and General Counsel

Understanding the legal aspects and protocol of board meetings will help you in your role as a school board member. Learn about the eight reasons for calling an executive session and so much more. This podcast has a companion discussion guide for use as an individual and/or during a work session.

Your Leadership Workbook is a useful tool for following along with this podcast.

Discussion Guide: Legal Topics 101: The Colorado Open Meetings Law Part I

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Episode 4 - 2020 Colorado Legislative Session Update

As a public K12 advocate, do you know what's going on in our state capitol during the legislative session? Matt Cook, CASB Director of Public Policy and Advocacy, will give you the low down on the top bills that have hit the floor in the first week of the 2020 legislative session. View the 2020 Legislative Bills graphic for additional details on bills.

Interview with Matt Cook, CASB Director of Public Policy and Advocacy
Host is Leslie Bogar, CASB Director of Professional Learning

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Agenda highlights not to miss in CASB's 2020 Winter Legislative Conference

CASB 2020 Winter Legislative Conference (February 27-28) is on the horizon and it’s time to register. We are in a new location this year, which is still walking distance to the Capitol. Agenda highlights include:

  • Colorado Politics — Reading the Tea Leaves
    Anand Sokhey, Associate Professor of Political Science, The University of Colorado American Politics Research Lab

    Colorado is a key battleground state in presidential campaigns, and the outcome of its elections have important implications for state and national politics and policy making. Join us for this conversation with Anand Sokey, Associate Professor in Political Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. Anand will unravel the results of the annual Colorado Political Climate (CPC) survey, an annual nonpartisan poll of Colorado residents that serves as an ongoing record of opinion on public affairs within the state. Conducted every October, the CPC is intended to gauge “the pulse of Colorado” with respect to state and national issues, elected officials, and a broad spectrum of political characteristics.

  • Lunch & Learn: Federal Advocacy Update 
    Chip Slaven, Chief Advocacy Officer, National School Boards Association

    Join Chip Slaven, Chief Advocacy Officer at the National School Boards Association, who will explain what the hot topics are in Washington, D.C. and how you can best engage in federal advocacy. Washington, D.C. may be 1,500 miles away, but it’s still important for Colorado’s members of Congress to hear from you, the local voice of the community. The decisions made on Capitol Hill have big impacts on Colorado classrooms. Chip will provide meaningful actions that can make a difference.

  • Understanding Colorado’s Fiscal Knot and Determining What’s Next

    Chris Adams, President, Engaged Public
    Carol Hedges, Executive Director, Colorado Fiscal Institute
    Mark Hillman, Board Member, Burlington School District; former state legislator and state treasurer
    Scott Wasserman, Executive Director, The Bell Policy Center

    Three amendments to Colorado’s Constitution, taken together, both limit revenue and require increased spending. The combination of these amendments creates a real conundrum for legislators. Many argue that this fiscal knot limits legislators’ ability to run the state and provide services.
    We will start this closing session with a new state budget simulation that has been developed by the School of Public Affairs, Engaged Public, and the CSU Futures Center. It uses recent figures from the Governor’s November budget proposal and allows users to make budget decisions.
    Following the simulation, our panel members will debate the merits and pitfalls of putting tax policy into the Constitution and discuss their hopes and fears for Colorado’s future.

Register now as seating is limited. Enhance your advocacy efforts with knowledge gained through attendance at our annual Winter Legislative Conference.

General sessions will be held at the History Colorado Center and breakout sessions will be at the ART, a Hotel.

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Lesson plan for Student CASB Days at the Capitol

During our Days at the Capitol board member attendees observe the House and Senate from the floor and watch legislators in action at the education committee meetings. Spending a day at the Capitol is a great opportunity to build relationships with legislators—meeting them face-to-face, inviting them to lunch or a school board meeting, or speaking with them about YOUR district’s successes, needs or concerns.

CASB also offers a couple of Student Days at the Capitol — and only the March 4 date still has availability. New this year, we have a 3rd-5th grade lesson plan for your Student Days at the Capitol. 

Student lesson plan
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Girls Who Code Clubs

Take advantage of the Girls Who Code partnership and launch a FREE Club! Girls Who Code Clubs provide free plug-and-play curriculum and resources for educators to encourage girls’ participation in STEM as they prepare for college and career. In each Club, 3rd-5th and 6th-12th grade girls build important life skills as they join a sisterhood of supportive peers and role models and learn how to use computer science to positively impact their community. 

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Planning for 2020 using your CASB School Board Member Leadership Workbook

The new CASB School Board Member Leadership Workbook is full of resources to help you throughout the year. There is no need to recreate the wheel, when you can start with templates and guides. The Planning Calendar will give your board some basic ideas of the big rocks that need covered throughout the year. 


Visit the online version of the Workbook