Staff Relationships Checklist

Building Relationships: A Checklist

  • Does the board have a policy specifying community relations goals and objectives?
  • Is there a step-by-step plan for implementing this policy that specifies each aspect of the communication or community relations program, and who will be responsible for that aspect?
  • Do you have a plan for dealing effectively with the news media?
  • If you have delegated community relations responsibilities to some staff members, have you made adequate budgetary provisions to support the program?
  • Is the superintendent asked to regularly report on the progress of the community relations program?
  • Has the board stressed the importance of good communication throughout the school community?
  • Is community relations training included in the in-service programs for district employees?
  • Does the district have a publication directed to its employees?
  • Is there a planned way of communicating with parents and nonparents?
  • Is there a plan for feedback from both staff members and the public?
  • Does the board use its meetings as a vehicle for communication and feedback?
  • Does the district use citizen advisory committees?
  • Do school board members participate in school and community events and stay in touch with other public service and government agencies?
  • Does the board observe an appropriate chain of command for resolving complaints or grievances raised by school staff or patrons?
  • Are all communication efforts evaluated at least annually?
  • Does the board have a designated spokesperson?
  • Does the public have easy access to board agendas, policies, financial data, student achievement data and other information?
  • Are public surveys, community conversations or other tools used before the board takes action on major policy items such as the budget or school closings? Do you use your board meetings to showcase district programs and emphasize student achievement?

Adapted from Becoming a Better Board Member, a publication of the National School Boards Association