What is a CASB Delegate?

Your local school board's CASB Delegate is the point person for communications between your local board and CASB's Advocacy Team. A CASB Delegate's responsibilities revolve around two central activities:

  • The Delegate Assembly at the Fall Conference
  • The Business Meeting at the Annual Convention

CASB Delegates convene every fall during CASB's Fall Conference and every December during CASB's Annual Convention. During the fall meeting, delegates adopt CASB's advocacy agenda through resolutions on issues critical to public education.

To understand the issues before the assembly and to be prepared to vote on behalf of the local boards, school boards should discuss the resolutions and decide how they will have their delegate vote. School boards also need to share the name of their delegate with CASB prior to each meeting. Substitutions can be made but this must occur in advance of the meeting.

What does it mean to be a Delegate?

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Attend or watch the webinar on preparing for the role of the school board delegate
  • Attend two annual Delegate Assembly meetings (held during the fall conference and annual meeting)
  • Help formulate CASB Legislative Priorities and activities and adopt resolutions to guide the legislative agenda
  • Elect CASB directors
  • Adopt CASB's bylaws