Importance of Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly occurs during CASB's Fall Conference and also during the Annual Convention. It is the foundation of CASB's governance structure and provides critical direction as CASB represents member's interests before state and national policymakers. Working with CASB's advocacy staff and the Legislative Resolutions Committee, designated delegates from local boards help ensure that CASB reflects the interests of boards of education across the state.

The Delegate Assembly is made up of delegates who are appointed/designated by their local school boards in 12 geographic regions throughout Colorado. Your board's representation at the Delegate Assembly is of the utmost importance to both your district and to CASB. It is vital that your representative understands the issues that come before the assembly for action, and that your representative is prepared to vote on these issues on behalf of your board. The decisions made by the assembly will set the course for CASB for the coming year.

The Delegate Assembly charts CASB’s future in three significant ways:

  • Elects CASB’s board of directors
  • Amends CASB’s bylaws to ensure a responsive and effective association
  • Adopts CASB’s advocacy agenda, the legislative “roadmap” for issues critical to public education for the foreseeable future

For more information, contact Matt Cook at 303-832-1000.