All State Board Award

Appreciating nearly every board's beyond-expectations teamwork during this season’s uncertainties, the annual All State Board Award has been paused until 2022. 

The Colorado All State Board Award recognizes school boards across the state for overall excellence in governance. These boards develop a shared vision, engage their constituencies, and display sound reasoning and strong ethics.

Process and Criteria

  1. School districts must be CASB members in order to participate.
  2. The application must be completed by the board president or district superintendent.
  3. All board members must be in agreement with the application.
  4. The application must contain a narrative, up to two pages in length, describing the board’s governance work in all of the five following areas:
    1. How the board advanced student success (engaging constituents, ensuring shared vision, developing policies/plans, and measuring specific improvements in achievement and growth).
    2. How the board demonstrated leadership on either the district and community level or on the state, regional, or national level.
    3. How the board used sound reasoning and strong ethics in its decision-making.
    4. How the board continuously developed its members individually and as a team.
    5. How the board displayed excellence and consistency in responding to challenges or issues the board and community faced.
  5. Applications and any supporting documents must total no more than five printed pages.
  6. Materials must be submitted by [2022 date to be determined], via email to Brittany Crossman. Only electronic applications will be considered.


  1. Boards may want to attach supporting documents that illustrate the work outlined in the narrative.
  2. Be specific. This will give judges a clear picture of your board’s effective work.


Applicants agree that all application materials submitted (except personal contact information) may be used publicly by CASB for informational and promotional purposes.

Selection Committee

A committee of current and former board members will review all applications, select finalists and confirm the All State Board Award winner.

The Award

Along with the honor of being recognized for excellence in governing, the winning school board will receive $2,500 to be used for any educational purpose the board chooses. Winners will be honored during CASB's Annual Convention.

Thanks to Stifel for their generous support of this award
and of educational excellence.

2019 All State Board of Education

Congratulations to the 2019 All State Board Award winners

Cañon City Schools
Board of Education

Mary Kay Evans
Shad Johnson
Larry Oddo
Lloyd Harwood
Robin Reeser

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