Professional Development Update

December 19, 2019

What's in this update

New CASB Connections podcast: Voices of Education in Colorado with Bill de la Cruz

Check out CASB Connections newest podcast: Voices of Education in Colorado with Bill de la Cruz!
Bill de la Cruz is known for his insight into personal bias, but this podcast offers more than insight. Bill shares information for all individuals that want to grow in their cultural awareness and develop skills that enable them to work toward collaborative efforts.

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CASB’s 2020 Winter Legislative Conference is fast approaching — February 27-28th

The annual Winter Legislative Conference is your chance to network with advocacy-oriented CASB members, gain valuable information in regard to the 2020 legislative session, learn about CASB’s advocacy tools, and meet with your legislators under the gold dome. Registration is now open and additional details can be found on our website.

We are excited to offer a new location for this year's event — the Art, a hotel (1201 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203) and the History Colorado Museum (1200 Broadway, Denver, 80203). Sessions will also be held at the History Colorado Center.

Conference details include:

Full Conference: February 27-28, 2020 (no partial day registrations)
Early Bird Member Pricing:  $325 (Deadline is January 10, 2020)
Pricing after January 10, 2020:  $365
Non-Member Pricing:  $465
On-site registrations are accepted: Member ($390), Non-Member ($490)

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The 2019 School Board Member Leadership Workbook is now available

CASB's School Board Member Leadership Workbook is your guide to effective governance and strong board leadership. Throughout this book, you will find helpful information about Colorado’s educational system and your role in that system. We encourage you to consult this workbook often to answer frequently asked questions about state- and local-level education challenges relating to relationships, student success, personnel, and finance.

Since this book is much more than just a handbook, we encourage you to use it as a “jumping-off point” to deeper conversations about your roles as individuals serving on a board and as members of the collective board team. We have provided you with several tools to begin conversations about a variety of issues, from connecting with the community to communicating about financial issues. Use this workbook, along with the CASB website and professional development opportunities, to hone your skills and effectiveness as a board member. In this workbook and in its online counterpart, you will find: 

Leadership Learning Opportunities

Questions in workbook margins will prompt you to delve deeper into specific topics relating to the issues addressed on that page. Take some time on your own or as a team to ponder these questions aimed at understanding confidentiality, maximizing meetings, building relationships, and developing a shared vision.

Group Exercises

In the back of this workbook, you will find a number of exercises to help your board team identify district challenges, gauge your board’s work, engage your community, and more! These exercises, designed to spur deep thought and rich conversation among your board members, can be used often throughout the school year.

Online Tool Chest

Use the online workbook material updated throughout the year for tips and tools related to hot topics and everyday governing challenges. ( 

CASB, our Board of Directors, and staff encourage you to use the exercises in this book often to build strength and understanding among your board team. If you would like more information on any issue, CASB is always here to help you better understand your role and current topics in education.

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Welcome new board members — it's time to access CASB member-only resources

Congratulations on joining your local school board! Whether you have been on your local board for a few days or a few months, on behalf of our staff and board of directors, welcome aboard!

As you assume the exciting and challenging responsibility of guiding your public schools, we want you to be assured you have our support. The Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) is your statewide membership association and your local board’s advocate. As a new board member, there is a lot to take in, but here’s a quick look at CASB’s support, services and first steps.

What is CASB?

CASB is a nonprofit membership organization that helps school board members in Colorado connect and share ideas while promoting the interests and welfare of Colorado students. CASB is guided and governed by a 22-member board of directors, comprised of local school board members representing 12 CASB regions across the state. Find out more at Local school boards decide whether to join CASB and all of Colorado’s 178 school districts are members.

What does CASB offer?

Membership benefits and solutions for school boards: CASB provides services, information and training programs to support school board members as they govern their local districts. A diverse range of benefits and services is included in membership dues, as well as additional fee-based customized solutions that are offered far below market value. Download our services brochure for more information.

Advocacy: CASB advocates on behalf of local school boards during the legislative session and throughout the year. Visit our legislative page for more information.

Legal resources: As part of your membership, you’ll receive periodic legal updates. You may also explore legal information on our website and call our legal team with questions.

Policy: On our website, you’ll find sample policies and other resources. You may also call our policy department for help with board policy issues.

Conferences: CASB offers a number of conferences throughout the year. The biggest is our Annual Convention, held in Colorado Springs, in early December. Visit our events page for more information.

Communications: We have a wealth of information online. Throughout the year, we’ll keep you current with legal and policy updates and education news from the legislature. Visit our publications page for more information. We also offer a leadership workbook (member-only access and requires login), another valuable resource.

Team leadership development: CASB offers a number of ways to help build your school board team. Go to the CASB A-Z section of our website for valuable resources on governance and more, or bring in one of our experts for a development workshop or retreat. Be sure to also utilize your veteran board members for their expertise and experience.

Where do I begin?

As a CASB member, you have access to member-only resources. Make the most of your membership by logging into the website.

• Click on the blue “Member Login” button on the top right corner of the homepage.
• Enter your district email as your username.
• Click on “Forgot your password” to create a 10 character password (for password help, please contact us).

The CASB Board of Directors and staff look forward to working with you as a member of your local school board. Feel free to contact us at any time. Just call 800-530-8430 or for a list of staff, visit the staff webpage.