Welcome to the new CASB website!

To log-in, you will first need to set up your password (passwords are tied to individuals, as opposed to organizations).

  1. Click here to create your Password:
    1. Fill in your email address
    2. Click submit
    3. You will receive an email that allows you to enter a new password.
  2. Once your new Password is created, you can log-in here, or from any page within the website, using your Username and your new Password.

Answers to Common Questions

How do I download an invoice or credit memo for an event registration?

  • Login to the CASB website then go to the My CASB tab
  • Click on the My Profile tab
  • In the drop down menu, click on Invoices. You can see credit memos here also.
  • Select the invoice or credit memo and click the download button at the bottom and print it