Welcome to the new CASB website!

To log-in, you will first need to set up your password (passwords are tied to individuals, as opposed to organizations).

  1. Click here to create your Password:
    1. Fill in your email address
    2. Click submit
    3. You will receive an email that allows you to enter a new 10 character password.
  2. Once your new Password is created, you can log-in here, or from any page within the website, using your Username and your new Password.

Answers to Common Questions

Why do I get a message that I am "ineligible to take the form" when trying to register for an event?

Many registrations are for members only so you must be logged into the CASB website first, using your district email address as the username and the 10 character password you created.

How do I download an invoice or credit memo for an event registration?

  • Login to the CASB website then go to the My CASB tab
  • Click on the My Profile tab
  • In the drop down menu, click on Invoices. You can see credit memos here also.
  • Select the invoice or credit memo and click the download button at the bottom and print it