Know the decision makers


Goal: You will know and have a relationship with elected officials representing you as an individual voter and your district and community as a whole.



elected representatives and you
  • Introduce yourself to your elected representatives by phone, email or letter and request a personal meeting. Present yourself as:
    • a concerned constituent,
    • fellow elected official, and
    • information source on education.

  • Attend events called by elected officials, including meetings, coffees, and campaign stops.

elected representatives and your district

  • Set up meetings with your legislators and superintendent, board president, or legislative network members.

  • Invite your legislators to discuss issues at a regular or special board meeting.

  • Discuss issues from the CASB Resolutions Book or other issues determined by your board.

  • Ask legislators to visit your schools. Show them special programs, meet with staff and review student achievement data, and share information about issues facing students and schools in your community.

other leaders

  • Host or participate in a joint meeting of several boards in your county or area prior to the legislative session.

  • Identify and collaborate with local leaders who understand and value public education and are willing to communicate with elected officials and opinion leaders.