Traditional Public School and Open Enrollment

Colorado provides many avenues for parents to select a public school for their child to attend. Usually, a family that chooses their child’s neighborhood school is happy with that choice. However, Colorado law requires school districts to have open enrollment policies that allow students within the district to select any school or program in the district, provided there is space available in the requested school. Nonresident students may also request to attend school within the district on a space-available basis. This is called “intra-district” choice. No tuition can be charged to Colorado parents who enroll their students in another district within the timelines and procedures established by the district of choice. The district of choice is not required to enroll nonresident students after the pupil enrollment count day. [C.R.S. § 22-36-101 et seq.]

Private school and home school student participation

Students participating in a private school or home-based school are permitted to participate in the district’s extracurricular or interscholastic activities. [C.R.S. § 22-32-116.5.]