Board-Superintendent Strengthening

CASB provides opportunities for building strong governing teams, board members and superintendents at every experience level. From phone calls and emails, to coffee conversations, to online resources, workshops and annual events, CASB provides constant leadership supports and practical tools to strengthen boards...

  • Building trust among team members
  • Developing a high-performance governing team
  • Advancing strategic thinking, framing and action
  • Appraising board and superintendent performance
  • Resolving conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Maximizing effectiveness of meetings
  • Setting wildly important goals
  • Engaging constituents

For a conversation about building and improving board-superintendent effectiveness, contact Randy Black, 800-530-8430, 303-832-1000, or [email protected].

Your strengthening staff

As close to you as 800-530-8430, 303-832-1000

Randy "Roaming Colorado" Black, [email protected]
Brittany Crossman, [email protected]


  • Coaching, facilitating and supporting the maximizing work of local governing teams and leaders

Known for:

  • Strengthening and advancing local leadership efforts
  • Bridging gaps of awareness, understanding and action
  • Trust building
  • Aligning personal, team and system efforts
  • Appraising performance (team and executive)
  • Making sense of local and state challenges
  • Helping unique people maximize unique local opportunities
  • Serving local folks in Colorado's local communities

Groups/cultures served regularly:

  • Governing teams (board and executive, local and regional)
  • Individual leaders (board members, superintendents, candidates...)
  • Community constituents

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